Uses proven technology for KrF applications 110 nm

The NSR-S210D combines technology advancements from leading-edge dry and immersion systems to provide a high productivity KrF scanner for high volume applications.  The S210D features the proven Nikon 0.82 numerical aperture projection lens to deliver resolution of 110 nm or better, with optimal CD uniformity.

Tandem Stage delivers 176 WPH and optimal stability
The S210D adopts the same platform as the NSR-S610C immersion scanner, using the Tandem Stage to provide superior performance with excellent cost of ownership. This high productivity platform enables the NSR-S210D to deliver throughput ≥ 176 wafers per hour.

Excellent cost of ownership
NSR-S210D throughput was improved by 20% over the previous generation system. This is made possible by increased wafer stage speed (600 mm/sec), a faster reticle stage, and reduced alignment time.  Together with excellent uptime, ease of maintenance, and the extensive use of auto-calibration functions, the S210D delivers lower cost of ownership compared to KrF scanners from other manufacturers.

Superior overlay accuracy ( 9 nm)
The Tandem Stage design uses only one stage for exposure, with the other used for calibrations during wafer exchange. This eliminates stage mismatching error and enables frequent calibrations to enhance overlay performance and scanner stability over time.  The S210D delivers overlay accuracy ≤ 9 nm.

Industry’s most advanced lens design provides world-class imaging
Superior Nikon materials and proprietary manufacturing technology provide a virtually perfect lens that is essentially flare free and has the industry’s lowest aberration levels. The S210D employs the advanced iMAC lens controller to provide optimal lens tuning flexibility and includes comprehensive environmental control systems to ensure that lens quality is maintained over the lifetime of the tool.

  • Wavelength (nm)
  • Lens-NA
  • Exposure Area (mm)
  • Reduction Ratio
  • Resolution (nm)
  • Throughput:
  • 300 mm
  • Wafer Size
  • 248
  • 0.82
  • 26 x 33
  • 1/4
  • ≤ 110
  • ≥ 176
  • 300

Productivity Increased by 100%



The S210D delivers throughput ≥ 176 wafers per hour. This is more than a 20% increase compared to the previous generation S208D, and enables 100% higher productivity than five years ago.