Ultra-high throughput
The NSR-SF155 is the seventh generation SF system. The SF155 design incorporates the groundbreaking Skyhook platform of the SF150 system, but includes key performance enhancements. Like the SF150, the SF155 uses optimized load and unload positioning to reduce wafer exchange time, along with increased alignment processing speed to shorten wafer alignment time. The SF155 uses the same lightweight wafer stage as the SF150, but minimizes stage settling time to further boost system throughput. These recent design optimizations enable the SF155 to deliver more than 200 wafers (300 mm) per hour.

Ideal for mix-and-match applications
The Nikon SF155 system makes use of leading-edge lens manufacturing technology to enable the same wide exposure field as KrF and ArF scanners (26 x 33 mm), simplifying mix-and-match applications while improving productivity.

Optimum stability with Skyhook lens technology
Nikon Skyhook Technology suspends the SF155 lens module from the main body. This eliminates any influence of ground or stage vibration on the lens or associated metrology. The lens positioning is intelligently controlled using non-contact actuators. In addition to reducing vibration, Skyhook Technology provides ample space to optimize airflow and temperature control, which improves lens stability. Comprehensive environmental controls ensure lens quality is maintained over the lifetime of the tool, providing excellent long-term imaging performance.

Excellent overlay accuracy
As with the SF150, the 155 system design eliminates the need for a reticle interferometry stage, with the reticle simply aligned and then fixed on the lens column. This is coupled with superior positioning control and six degrees of freedom for wafer stage control to optimize overlay performance. The SF155 incorporates the advanced FIA system used on leading-edge Nikon scanners to provide high resolution fine alignment and supports variable illumination modes such as large, medium, small sigma and annular settings. In addition, broadband, dark field and color filter options further enhance alignment capabilities. The SF155 delivers overlay accuracy ≤ 25 nm, exceeding the requirements for today’s sub-critical layers.

Lowest cost of ownership for i-line applications
The NSR-SF155 delivers over 200 wafers per hour on a cost-effective platform. SF155 cost of ownership (COO) is reduced compared to the SF150, and is 20% lower than the SF140. The SF155 successfully combines a cutting-edge stage design and Skyhook Technology to deliver superior performance and the lowest cost of ownership for i-line applications.

Wavelength (nm)365
Exposure Area (mm)26 x 33
Reduction Ratio1/4
Resolution (nm)≤ 280
300 mm, 76 exp fields≥ 200
Wafer Size300

SF Cost of Ownership


The SF155 delivers COO reduced by more than 20% compared to the SF140.