Maximizes productivity and yield with Standalone Alignment Station
The LithoBooster Standalone Alignment Station brings inline Alignment Station (iAS) capabilities to other scanners in the fab. With LithoBooster, wafer-by-wafer feed forward correction is possible, enabling compensation for processing effects including etching, annealing, CVD/PVD, and more.<br
Wafer pre-measurement, dense sampling, and high order grid correction are performed by LithoBooster and that information is fed forward to the scanner. Traditional EGA is then performed on the scanner wafer stage using sparse sampling and final linear correction prior to exposure.

Utilizes absolute grid information to ensure optimal grid modeling
LithoBooster maximizes productivity through iterative learning and feed back of grid results. Using dense measurements on the product wafer coupled with the absolute grid information from LithoBooster, the optimal grid model is determined.

Various alignment modes are possible such as Standard, Plus Edge Dense (increased edge sites), Scrambled, and Plus Intra-shot (increased sites within-shot). This enables adaptability for a variety of types of wafer grid error. In addition, there are a number of correction modes including Linear, High-order Global, Local Area, and Die-by-Die correction methods that compensate for different types of wafer deformation.

Enhances yield with reticle expansion calibration/correction independent of overlay exposure
In addition, LithoBooster is able to determine reticle expansion corrections without performing an overlay exposure. The previous layer’s residual reticle expansion is simply detected and compensated for.

Provides open platform for addition of further overlay, autofocus, and process control solutions
LithoBooster also provides an open platform for expanded overlay, autofocus, and process control solutions to enhance future capabilities.

It is real-world, on-product performance that is vital to chipmakers. Nikon combines superior scanner technology with innovative alignment solutions like LithoBooster to deliver exceptional manufacturing performance and productivity—now and for the future.