Deliver resolution below 3 µm with very large depth of focus
The NES1W-h06/NES2W-h06 Mini Steppers utilize 0.11 numerical aperture projection lenses with 1.8x reduction that was specifically designed to address the unique process challenges presented by MEMS and LED applications. The h06 lens design enables a tremendous depth of focus - up to 26 µm with resolution down to 3.0 µm.

Well-suited for MEMS and LEDs rough/variable process layers
In addition to providing a very large depth of focus, these Mini Steppers also employ advanced autofocus systems with die-by-die autofocus capabilities that maximize yield for challenging applications such as the rough/variable layers often encountered in MEMS and LED manufacturing.

Enhance mix and match with NSR steppers using 22 mm field size
The NES1W-h06/NES2W-h06 Mini Steppers make use of advanced lens technology to enable the same 22 mm x 22 mm exposure field as traditional 5x reduction steppers, simplifying mix-and-match applications while boosting productivity. To further simply matching and reticle design, it is also possible to use the same alignment marks (FIA X/Y simultaneous marks) on these systems as on traditional NSR steppers.

Customers may also choose to add on backside alignment (BSA) functionality to enable precise alignment to marks located on the backside of the wafer surface. The newly developed backside alignment system incorporates both direct and infra-red alignment capabilities.  The NES1W-h06/NES2W-h06 enable BSA below 0.8 µm.

Maximize productivity
These diverse product offerings satisfy fab-specific substrate size requirements and maximize productivity with the NES1W-h06 supporting 50 – 150 mm sizes, and the NES2W-h06 supporting 150 and 200 mm substrates. All systems process more than 70 wafers per hour and reduce fab costs with remarkably small footprints of only 3.3 m² or less.

  • Wavelength (nm)
  • Lens-NA
  • Exposure Area (mm)
  • Reduction Ratio
  • Resolution (µm)
  • Depth of Focus (µm)
  • Overlay Accuracy (µm)
  • Throughput
  • Wafer Size (mm)
  • 405
  • 0.11
  • 22 mm square to 17.9 (H) x 25.2 (V) mm
  • 1/1.8
  • 3.0
  • 26.0
  • NES1W-h06: 0.30 NES2W-h06: 0.35
  • NES1W-h06: 150mm – 110 WPH NES2W-h06: 200 mm – 70 WPH
  • NES1W-h06: 50 – 150 NES2W-h06: 150 and 200



The 0.11 NA h06 lens design provides tremendous depth of focus and enables excellent imaging for extremely thick photoresist processes. In addition, the optional variable illumination function further extends processing capabilities.