Provide excellent illumination performance over large inspection field
In addition to delivering steppers and scanners for cutting-edge semiconductor applications, Nikon also offers a suite of advanced inspection systems and specialized illumination systems for image sensor inspection.

The N-SIS9 illumination system utilizes a built-in tester head design, whereas the N-SIS8 utilizes a prober mounted type. Both designs provide highly-uniform telecentric illumination to support optimal inspection of image sensors, with the N-SIS9 delivering illumination uniformity ≤ ± 2.0% over a large 80 mm x 100 mm illumination field size, and the N-SIS8 delivering uniformity ≤ ±1.5% across the greater 120 mm x 120 mm illumination field.

Enable high productivity broadband and wavelength-specific testing for image sensor inspection
The N-SIS9 and N-SIS8 designs enable high-speed, wide-range illuminance and spectral setting (including RGB) by using a turret for filter switching to maximize productivity. In addition, the N-SIS9 utilizes a thinner lens tube mounted within the tester head that further contributes to high speed inspection of a large number of image sensors.

Optimize capabilities with user-defined settings
Combining the telecentric illumination of the N-SIS8 system with the optional F-number adapter enables the user to freely set the F-number and the exit pupil position to optimize performance for their specific image sensor inspection applications.

A customized optional pupil module can also be added to the N-SIS9, which enables the user to create various chief ray angle characteristics that emulate those of smartphone lenses to further enhance inspection capabilities.

User-friendly designs streamline inspection
The N-SIS9 and N-SIS8 systems can be easily controlled by users’ online commands to streamline and simplify image sensor inspection operations.


TypeBuilt-in tester head typeProber mounted type
Illumination field size80 mm x 100 mm120 mm x 120 mm
Illumination uniformityLess than ±2.0%Less than ±1.5%