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The NSR-S630D
Innovation Never Stops.

Nikon leverages proven immersion technology to deliver ground-breaking solutions to extend 193 nm lithography and enable next-generation manufacturing. The NSR-S630D immersion scanner delivers world-class performance and productivity for sub-10 nm node manufacturing.

Learn More About the NSR-S630D

Industry-leading scanner for dry ArF applications
A high productivity KrF scanner for subcritical layers
The most cost-effective solution for subcritical layers

Nikon Corporation Receives Intel's Preferred Quality Supplier Award
Nikon Announces New Dry ArF Scanner Delivering Superior Performance and Productivity
Nikon Corporation Received Intel's Preferred Quality Supplier Award
CEO of Nikon Research Corporation of America Retires, New President Appointed
Nikon Announces Scanner Delivering World-Class Performance for 10 nm Mfg and Beyond
Nikon to Provide 450 mm Immersion Scanner and Patterning Services for G450C
Nikon Announces Immersion Scanner for Most Demanding Multiple Patterning Applications
Nikon and A*STAR Institute of Microelectronics to Collaborate on Advanced Litho Technology
Nikon Ships New Immersion Scanner Delivering Industry-Leading Performance and Productivity
Nikon Satisfies Unique Requirements of MEMS, LEDs, and More with Mini Steppers
Nikon Announces New Dry ArF Scanner Delivering World-Class Overlay and Productivity
Nikon Supports SEMI HTU in Helping Students Recognize Rewarding Science-Based Careers
Nikon Receives Intel's Preferred Quality Supplier Award
Nikon Receives Intel's Prestigious Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement Award
Nikon Corporation to Build Two New Buildings for Production of IC Steppers and Scanners





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