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Conference Papers

Conference Papers

Overcoming the many technical and business challenges of lithography requires an active and ongoing collaboration between industry leaders. That’s why Nikon continues to play a significant role at industry conferences and events.

Nikon customers and industry partners can request copies of papers presented at industry conferences via


SPIE Advanced Lithography 2014

#9052-9Scanner performance predictor and optimizer in further low-k1 lithography
#9052-10Imaging Control Functions of Optical Scanners
#9049-91Scanner Effects on Directed Self-Assembly Patterning
#9052-23Immersion Lithography Extension to Sub-10 nm Nodes with Multiple Patterning
#9052-52Immersion Scanners Enabling 10 nm Half-pitch Production and Beyond


SPIE Advanced Lithography 2013

#8683-09Imaging Application Tools for Extremely Low-k1 ArF Immersion Lithography
#8683-12Illumination Pupilgram Control Using an Intelligent Illuminator
#8683-24Global Source Optimization for MEEF and OPE
#8683-26Mix-and-Match Overlay Performance of the NSR-S622D Immersion Scanner
#8683-53Comprehensive Thermal Aberration & Distortion Control of Lithographi Lenses for Accurate Overlay
#8683-55High-Productivity Immersion Scanner Enabling 1x nm hp Manufacturing


SPIE Advanced Lithography 2012

#8322-40Development of EUV Lithography Tool Technologies in Nikon
#8326-3Spacer Process and Alignment Assessment for SADP Process
#8326-20Application of Illumination Pupilgram Control Method with Freeform Illumination
#8326-23Imaging Optics Setup and Optimization on Scanner for SMO Generation Process
#8326-26Process Window Control Using CDU Master
#8326-27The Development of a Fast Physical Photoresist Model for OPE and SMO Applications from an Optical Engineering Perspective
#8326-29High Overlay Accuracy for Double Patterning Using an Immersion Scanner
#8326-47Finite Element Models of Lithographic Mask Topography
#8326-53Immersion and Dry ArF Scanners Enabling 22 nm hp Production and Beyond


SPIE Advanced Lithography 2011

#7969-21A Simple Modeling of Carbon Contamination on EUV Exposure Tools Based on Contamination Experiments with Synchrotron Source
#7969-23Development of EUV Lithography Tools in Nikon
#7973-17Scanner Alignment Performance for Double Patterning
#7973-31An Aberration Control of Projection Optics for Multi-patterning Lithography
#7973-34Stability and Calibration of Overlay and Focus Control for a Double Patterning Immersion Scanner
#7973-35Advanced CDU Control for 22 nm and Below
#7973-50Practical Performance and Enabling Technologies in Immersion Scanners for Double Patterning Generation
#7973-52Pupilgram Adjusting Scheme Using Intelligent Illuminator for ArF Immersion Exposure Tool
#7973-71A Simple Method of Source Optimization for Advanced NAND FLASH Process


SPIE Advanced Lithography 2010

#7636-67Contamination Study on EUV Exposure Tools Using SAGA Light Source
#7636-81Flare Modeling and Calculation for EUV Optics
#7638-122Electrical Effects of Corner Serif OPC
#7640-06Tolerancing Analysis of Customized Illumination for Practical Applications of Source & Mask Optimization
#7640-09Actual Performance Data Analysis of Overlay, Focus and Dose Control of an Immersion Scanner for DP
#7640-16Double Patterning Lithography Study with High Overlay Accuracy
#7640-26Experimental Result of Polarization Characteristics Separation Method
#7640-30Impact of Scanner Signatures on Optical Proximity Correction
#7640-32Topcoat-less Resist Approach for High Volume Production and Yield Enhancement of Immersion Lithography
#7640-40Simultaneous Optimization of Dose and Focus Controls in Advanced ArF Immersion Scanners
#7640-52Illumination Optics for Source-Mask Optimization
#7640-58Latest Performance of Immersion Scanner S620D with the Streamlign Platform for the Double Patterning Generation


SPIE Advanced Lithography 2009

#7273-160Practical Implementation of Immersion Resist Materials
#7274-07A Study of Source & Mask Optimization for ArF Scanners
#7274-29Scanner-dependent Optical Proximity Effects
#7274-30Challenges and Solutions in the Calibration of Projection Lens Pupil-Image Metrology Tools
#7274-31Achieving Overlay Budgets for Double Patterning
#7274-54An Innovative Platform for High-Throughput, High Accuracy Lithography Using a Single Wafer Stage
#7274-58Polarization Aberration Control for ArF Projection Lenses
#7274-61Control and Reduction of Immersion Defectivity for Yield Enhancement at High Volume Production


SPIE Advanced Lithography 2008

#6921-22Nikon EUVL Development Progress Update
#6921-26Development Status of Projection Optics and Illumination Optics for EUV1
#6922-107A System to Optimize Mix-and-Match Overlay in Lithography
#6924-26Double Patterning Requirements for Optical Lithography and Prospects for Optical Extension Without Double Patterning
#6924-34Polarization Characteristics of State-of-Art Lithography Optics Reconstructed From On-Body Measurement
#6924-38Studies of High Index Immersion Lithography
#6924-43Immersion Defectivity Study with Volume Production Immersion Lithography Tool for 45 nm Node and Below
#6924-58Recent Performance Results of Nikon Immersion Lithography Tools
#6924-63An Intelligent Imaging System for ArF Scanner
#6924-66Thermal Aberration Control in Projection Lens