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Alignment Stations

Alignment Stations

Nikon understands that it is real-world, on-product performance and productivity that are vital to chipmakers. We have developed two revolutionary Alignment Stations specifically focused on optimizing alignment in order to enable cost-effective lithography scaling.

The pioneering inline Alignment Station (iAS) is a high speed, extremely accurate wafer pre-measurement module integrated between the coater/developer and NSR-S625E, NSR-S635E and NSR-S636E immersion scanners. iAS provides feed forward alignment results for all shots on every wafer, delivering better alignment and overlay—with no impact on throughput.

iAS capabilities are extended to other scanners in the fab with the Litho Booster Standalone Alignment Station. In addition to delivering shot-by-shot feed forward corrections, Litho Booster also provides an open platform for expanded overlay, autofocus, and process control solutions.

iAS and Litho Booster Alignment Stations enable chipmakers to meet the ever-tightening overlay and edge placement error (EPE) requirements for leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing.

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Alignment Stations
Litho Booster

Standalone Alignment Station delivering shot-by-shot feed forward corrections to maximize yield.