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Both Sides Measuring (BSM) Machines

Both Sides Measuring (BSM) Machines

MEMS and leading-edge power device markets have experienced significant growth in recent years, and production requirements are rapidly evolving. These specialized processing layers necessitate enhanced overlay accuracy, and patterning on both sides of the wafer is becoming mainstream as well. These unique requirements can make substrate alignment and front-to-back alignment confirmation increasingly challenging.

In addition, reducing time to market and cost-of-ownership is imperative to MEMS and power device makers. Ramping new processes efficiently and tool matching are essential success factors. As a result, device manufacturers must be able to quickly evaluate a variety of front and backside alignment scenarios to determine conditions that deliver optimum accuracy and throughput for their specific processes.

Nikon developed the industry-leading Both Sides Measuring (BSM) Machines to deliver high precision, dual-side overlay metrology and provide an innovative solution to support critical dual-side patterning optimization. Nikon Both Sides Measuring (BSM) Machines provide a variety of capabilities to meet device makers’ specific manufacturing objectives.

Nikon Both Sides Measuring Machines
BSM-1 and BSM-300 Systems Available

High precision frontside and backside overlay metrology capabilities for MEMS and leading-edge power devices.