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Nikon Announces the Industry’s Most Advanced Immersion Scanner for Multiple Patterning

Tokyo, Japan — February 18, 2016 — Nikon Corporation introduces the NSR-S631E ArF immersion scanner, ensuring world-class device patterning and optimum fab productivity to fully satisfy real-world 7 nm node requirements. The S631E builds upon industry-leading Streamlign platform technology to further extend crucial 193 nm immersion lithography. Scanner stage and alignment system innovations enable mix-and-match overlay to 2.3 nm and below, while high speed processing and defectivity reduction provide throughput up to 270 wafers per hour (96 exposure shots/wafer) with enhanced yield, to meet chipmakers’ 7 nm node manufacturing requirements.

It is real-world, on-product performance that is vital to semiconductor manufacturers. The S631E incorporates key advancements in lens, autofocus, and alignment technology to deliver unparalleled on-product multiple patterning, while other progressions maximize fab daily output and yield. In addition, the NSR-S631E is compatible with sophisticated computational and on-product learning solutions that further enhance device patterning.

Committed to delivering real-world lithography solutions for customers, Nikon continues to introduce pioneering new scanners and software technology to achieve next-generation manufacturing performance and productivity objectives. “The NSR-S631E leverages crucial elements of our proven immersion scanners, while incorporating pivotal new developments that ensure world-class device patterning and optimum fab productivity. Our customers tell us these are essential factors in supporting their success at the 7 nm node,” stated Hamid Zarringhalam, Executive Vice President of Nikon Precision Inc.

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