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Nikon Books $233 Million From Three Major US Semiconductor Manufacturers

Multi-unit Orders Include Advanced ArF Scanners that Support 130nm Design Rules

Belmont, California – February 15, 2000 – Nikon Precision Inc. announced that it has received three multi-unit orders valued at $233 million from three major US semiconductor manufacturers, including a $100 million multi-unit order for Nikon’s advanced ArF scanner, the first unit of which will be shipped by the end of calendar year 2000. Nikon has the largest installed base of first generation DUV scanners in the world and has been shipping ArF models since December of 1998.

A second multi-unit order for ArF Scanners valued at $70 million, and a $53 million multi-unit order for various DUV scanners and steppers round out the latest entries in a strong order stream for NPI’s current fiscal year.

“These new orders demonstrate Nikon’s continuing strength as the leading supplier of DUV scanners and steppers. We value our long-term relationship with the leaders in semiconductor manufacturing in the US, and are dedicated to providing the best in products and service,” said Frank Masciocchi, vice president of North American Sales and Marketing at Nikon Precision Inc.

About Nikon Scanners
In April 1995, Nikon introduced the NSR-S201A, the world’s first scanning KrF excimer laser stepper designed to meet or exceed 250-nanometer (nm) design rules. The ArF (193nm) systems are targeted for the 130-nanometer region. Extensive research showed that lens-based scanning steppers are the optimal solution to the dual demands for reduced feature size and larger exposure areas for semiconductor chips. Nikon lens-based scanning steppers have won acclaim in semiconductor fabs worldwide. The company has the highest installed base of DUV scanners, having shipped more than 230 to date, and has the largest manufacturing capability in the industry.

Nikon builds steppers and scanners and their lenses so that any machine type in a fab will have the same performance profile as any other of the same type. This means that scheduling wafer runs can be much more flexible than if particular machines must be devoted to one or two specific wafer levels. Nikon’s alignment systems do not require additional alignment layers or reticles. Nikon’s engineers work closely with fab engineers to further optimize machine performance to customer requirements. This manufacturing and support effort delivers optimum productivity-both throughput and yield-to Nikon’s customers.

About Nikon Precision
Nikon Precision Inc. is the North American subsidiary of Nikon Corp, the world leader in lithography equipment for the microelectronics manufacturing industry with more than 6,000 units installed worldwide. Nikon offers the most extensive selection of production-class steppers and scanners in the industry, including g-line, i-line, and DUV products. These products serve the wafer, photomask, flat-panel display, and thin-film magnetic head industries. Nikon Precision provides service, applications, training, technical support, sales, and marketing for Nikon in North America.


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