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Nikon Introduces Latest Step-and-Repeat KrF Scanner — NSR-S206D

High-throughput Scanner Featuring Ultra-High N.A. Lens Targets DRAMs

July 12, 2002 – Targeted at mass production of cutting-edge devices with 110-nm design rules, Nikon Corporation introduced the NSR-S206D. This scanner is the 6th generation in Nikon’s successful KrF scanner series. The NSR-S206D is equipped with the industry’s highest N.A KrF (248nm) lens and provides high throughput of both 200mm and 300mm wafers.

Specification Summary

Resolution<110 nm
Numerical Aperture (N.A.)Variable, 0.67 – 0.82
DistortionWithin ± 12nm
Light Source4 KHz – 30W KrF (248 nm) Excimer Laser
Coherency Factor (s)Variable, 0.30 – 0.90
Projection Magnification1:4
Exposure Field25 x 33 mm
Alignment Accuracy20 nm or less (M+ 3 s)
Throughput300 mm wafers, 88 wafers/hr or more
200 mm wafers, 147 wafers/hr. or more

The Ultra High N.A. (0.82), low aberration projection lens achieves a resolution of 110 nm or better. Additionally, distortion has been reduced to ±12nm or less. These characteristics along with a variable illumination (s) feature, extend existing KrF process technology for mass production to the 110 nm node. By utilizing a 4 KHz-30W laser, throughput has been improved to at least 147 wafers/hr for 200-mm wafers and 88 wafers/hr for 300-mm wafers. To support ever-decreasing device features, the system boasts a 33% improvement in alignment accuracy — from 30 to 20 nanometers.

These features make this system especially valuable to makers of high volume, cost sensitive products like DRAMs who are constantly shrinking design rules and do not want to invest in additional technology such as ArF.

About Nikon: Nikon Corporation, is the world leader in lithography equipment for the microelectronics manufacturing industry with a 40% market share and more than 7,000 exposure systems installed worldwide including over 700 DUV scanning systems. Nikon offers the most extensive selection of production-class steppers and scanners in the industry. These products serve the wafer, photomask, flat panel display (LCD) and thin-film magnetic head (TFH) industries. Nikon Precision Inc. provides service, training, applications and technical support, as well as sales and marketing for Nikon lithography equipment in North America.


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