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Fifth Generation Nikon KrF High-Throughput Scanner Features Ultra-high N.A. Lens and Improved Body Design

NSR-S205C Exposure Tool with 0.75 Numerical Aperture Projection Lens Is Capable of Producing 0.13-micron Features

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., July 10, 2000 – Nikon, the leading supplier of imaging tools for the semiconductor industry, today announced that the company is accepting orders for its fifth-generation scanner with an ultra-high resolution 0.75 numerical aperture lens. Utilizing a krypton fluoride excimer (KrF) laser system, the NSR-S205C is capable of 0.13-micron features in a production environment.

The company, which has the largest worldwide installed base of steppers and deep ultra violet (DUV) scanners, introduced the world’s first lens-based DUV scanner in 1995. The NSR-S205C features an overlay accuracy of < 30 nm and a throughput of 140 200 mm wafers per hour or 84 300 mm wafers per hour. This four-to-one reduction system has a 25 mm x 33 mm exposure field and a new body design minimizes vibration and improves temperature control. Nikon is planning to ship over 430 units this year and has designated capacity for approximately 40% of these to be configured as KrF scanners. Nikon’s expanded capacity will begin to come on line this year and will provide Nikon with 600+ total unit capacity in the 2001 timeframe.

“These new orders demonstrate Nikon’s continuing strength as the leading supplier of DUV scanners and steppers. We value our long-term relationship with the leaders in semiconductor manufacturing in the US, and are dedicated to providing the best in products and service,” said Frank Masciocchi, vice president of North American Sales and Marketing at Nikon Precision Inc.

“Nikon continues to demonstrate its technology and market leadership with the introduction of the NSR-S205C DUV scanner and its investment in capacity,” stated Frank Masciocchi, Vice President of sales and marketing for NPI. “The company has consistently provided new generations of products to meet the performance and reliability needs of leading IC manufacturers worldwide,” he added.

Nikon Precision Inc. is the North American subsidiary of Nikon Corp., the world leader in lithography equipment for the microelectronics manufacturing industry with more than 6,100 units installed worldwide. Nikon offers the most extensive selection of production-class steppers and scanners in the industry. These products serve the wafer, photomask, flat panel display, and thin-film magnetic head industries. Nikon Precision provides service, applications, training, technical support, sales and marketing for Nikon in North America.


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